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Senior Advisory Board

SATConsult has assembled a world-class senior advisory board consisting of high-profile satellite industry professionals having held senior management positions in the satellite manufacturing and satellite operations sectors. SATConsult leverages their expertise to advise us both generally as well as on specific customer assignments.

  • Mustapha ELRIZ, Member of Satconsult Senior Advisory Board
    Mustapha Elriz is Member of Satconsult Senior Advisory Board and former Chief Executive Officer of Satconsult. With 40 years of experience in the satellite sector, he has worked with a wide range of satellite industry actors throughout his career. As Satconsult’s founder (2006) and CEO until July 2018, Mustapha led the organization and managed the expert team in its work, focusing primarily on emerging satellite programs both in developed and developing countries.
    Mustapha coordinated a team of thirty high-level experts in order to support due diligence/feasibility studies, specifications/procurement processes and construction monitoring of both space and ground systems. In August 2016, he inked a partnership with Euroconsult and contributed to building a global advisory group present across the entire value chain of satellite consultancy.
    Since 2010, Mustapha is also a regular lecturer at ISAE (Aeronautics and Space Engineering School) in Toulouse and at Toulouse Business School (TBS).
    Previously, as RascomStar Chief Executive Officer, he led the development of Pan-African rural satellite connectivity from its inception up to the financial closing. Prior to RascomStar, he was a Satellite Engineer specialized in communications systems and satellite ground control and monitoring segment at Alcatel.
    Mustapha has an Engineering degree in satellite telecommunications from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Telecommunications Paris (National Satellite Telecommunications School of Higher Education in Paris) and holds an MBA from the Open Business School (OBS) in the UK.
  • Michel ARNAUD, Senior Consultant, Remote Sensing Expert
    Michel Arnaud is a Senior Consultant in Remote Sensing. He has spent all of his career in CNES (French national space agency) working on the development of earth observation satellites; the Meteosat program then the SPOT and the Pleiades programs where he was in charge of the system aspects.
    As a Senior Consultant at Satconsult, he provides his expertise in the development of earth observation ground stations and feasibility studies on earth observation systems for Qatar. Has has supported numerous studies with foreign countries such as Brazil, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Côte d’Ivoire, Kazakhstan, UAE, etc.
    Outside Satconsult, Michel has supported the reviews and in-orbit tests of the THEOS satellite for the Thailand space agency and has followed the development of the PRSS-1 satellite in China. He has also worked as a chairman of numerous development reviews for ESA (Metosat), Eumetsat (EPS), CNES/NASA (Calipso and Jason), CNES/INDIA (MeghaTropiques). He has coordinated earth observation learning modules for the Dutch Delft University, and he has been invited to lecture in several schools 5ENSAE, ENST). He was a co-chairman of the International Astronautical Congress in Rio (2000), Toulouse (2001) and Prague (2007) and he is currently advisor of the IAC Co-Chairman.
    Michel holds a Master’s degree in Electricity, Electronics and Automatics from the University of Bordeaux and an Engineering diploma from the Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Electronique et de Radio Electricité de Bordeaux from 1968.
  • Philippe DELCLAUX, Senior Consultant, Remote Sensing Expert
    Philippe Delclaux is a Senior Consultant in the field of earth observation systems (satellites, airborne). Retired from Airbus Defence & Space, Philippe spent over 45 years in the earth observation domain, having mainly worked in management positions in the development of ground segments and their operations.
    He has been working with Satconsult since 2012. His skills span from EO satellite system design to ground segment operations, management of global receiving station networks, applications using EO data, etc. Project monitoring as well as managing international teams are also part of his skills. For Satconsult, he has been involved as a consultant in an EO ground segment project for a GCC client (contract negotiations, then monitoring until onsite acceptance), and has provided support on miscellaneous topics. Outside Satconsult, he has recently worked for the European Commission as advisor in establishing the EU space policy.
    He has also been a member of the OGC Board of Directors (the Open Geospatial Consortium in charge of establishing standards for the interoperability between systems handling geographic information).
    Previously, he worked on the SPOT program for 13 years at CNES (the French national space agency), then at Spot Image (at that time a subsidiary of the CNES in charge of marketing the SPOT data and products), and finally at Astrium (now Airbus Defence & Space). At Spot Image, he held the position of Director, Technical Operations (3 years in Washington, then 15 years in Toulouse). In this position, he worked on the technical evolutions of the facilities to match the new satellites and to follow the progress of the technology. Being in charge of technical operations, he managed the satellite tasking and the processing of data, as well as the network of Direct Receiving Stations spanned over the world. Then, as Chief Technical Officer at Astrium for 6 years, he managed the technical teams spread over Europe and coordinated the R&D activities for the development of applications using EO data; in this position, he also participated in putting together the necessary documentation for the future EO spacecraft to take over from the current ones.
    Philippe Delclaux has a Master’s degree in Computing Engineering, and graduated from Ecole Supérieure d'Electricité (Paris, Malakoff) in 1971.
  • Jean-Jacques DUMESNIL, Satellite System, Launch & In-Orbit Operations Expert
    Jean-Jacques Dumesnil created Dumesnil Consulting company, partnering with Satconsult on different advisory mandates bringing his extensive experience to our expert team. He is a highly qualified expert in the management of satellite systems, procurement, launch and in-orbit operations. With close to 50 years of experience, Jean-Jacques spent his entire career in the space sector and particularly in the satellite procurement field, with more than 25 satellites launched during his career.
    Acting as Consultant for Satconsult, Jean-Jacques brings his expertise in satellite mission definition, RFP preparation, contract negotiation, program monitoring, risk management, and in-orbit anomaly investigation. He has been and is currently involved in procurement support missions such as Telkom 3, Telkom 3S, Telkom 4, Turksat 5A & 5B, and ABS-2. Clients for which he directly conducted projects include PT Telkom, Turksat and Asia Broadcasting Satellite (ABS).
    Prior to working with Satconsult, Jean-Jacques worked as Vice President at Eutelsat for 6 years, overseeing all satellite activities from mission definition, through satellite in-orbit operations and up to end of life. Previously, he was a program manager at Eutelsat where he was responsible for the procurement of EUTELSAT-II satellites; he was also a program manager at ESA for ESA’s MARECS program where he contributed to the development and procurement of three L-band maritime communications satellites.
    Jean-Jacques graduated from the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, France.
  • Yann LE DU, Satellite, Payload & SATCOM System Expert
    Yann Le Du is a leading Satellite, Payload & Satcom Systems Expert working with Satconsult. Working in satellite telecommunications for more than 20 years, he has been involved in multiple satellite development projects in the various positions that he has occupied with satellite manufacturers, and has also advised a wide range of clients including commercial and government actors. In his current position, Yann manages several satellite development programs and carries out feasibility studies or due diligences for early stage projects.
    He started to work with Satconsult in 2008 and is now leading a satellite construction monitoring team in the context of the development of the K-Milsat 1 military satellite in Airbus Defence and Space (ADS). Previously, he managed the monitoring of the two KT SAT satellites, Koreasat 7 and Koreasat 5A on the premises of Thales Alenia Space. He has been involved in the monitoring of the first Qatari satellite on the premises of Space Systems Loral in Palo Alto (California) and the second on the premises of Mitsubishi Japan. He is a specialist in various satellite areas stretching from end-to-end satellite systems, payload and TC&R up to RF pointing techniques. He occupied the position of Chief Technical Officer at Rascomstar-QAF Operator for 2 years, developing skills in satellite communications system operations, transponder planning and regulatory topics.
    Yann is also involved in the coordination, promotion and securization of some filings to possibly support future projects for commercial or government space programs.
    Prior to working with Satconsult, Yann worked for Thales Alenia Space as a Satellite Engineer within the company’s payload (9 years), platform (3 years) and satellite engineering (2 years) departments.
    Yann holds an Engineering degree from the University of Toulouse (France).
  • Jean-Pierre NOTE, Contractual & Legal Expert
    Jean-Pierre Noté is a Contractual & Legal Expert working with Satconsult since 2011. Jean-Pierre has spent his entire career in the aerospace sector; he has worked for industrial companies, advised governmental and commercial clients for a wide range of activities including the contractual negotiations of satellite and launch service procurement contracts, launch insurance policies, and the financing of satellite projects.
    Since working with Satconsult, he has been directly involved in all the major projects concerning telecom and EO satellite projects, ground network procurements, and bandwidth lease agreements. He is in charge of helping clients on contractual aspects at all levels of the procurement chain, through drafting T&Cs in the tender, negotiating contracts with selected partners, drawing up the risk management scheme, and advising clients on insurance schemes.
    He also teaches at various universities at MBA and Master level such as CNAM (Centre National des Arts et Métiers), TBS (Toulouse Business School), and ISAE (Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace) in Paris, Beijing, and Toulouse.
    Before working with Satconsult, Jean-Pierre spent 17 years at Alcatel Space holding various senior positions such as Senior Manager for International Contracts where he was involved in several major international transactions, providing top-level support in finance, contractual and commercial negotiations with financial institutions and customers in various countries. He was also Chief Financial Officer of a green field Pan-African satellite project from 2003 to 2011.
    Jean-Pierre pursued his education in France and has a degree from TBS (Toulouse Business School), a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s degree in law.
  • Jean Daniel TESTE, Senior Consultant in Remote Sensing for Defence
    Having retired in 2017 from his position as Air Force Brigadier General in the French MoD, Jean Daniel Testé is a Senior Consultant in Remote Sensing for Defence. Jean-Daniel was an Intelligence Officer of the French Air Force and has shared his military career between intelligence and space activities. As an Air Force Manager, he chaired high level positions in these two domains. In particular, he was the head of the French military’s Joint Space Command (CIE) from 2014 to 2017.
    As a Senior Consultant of Satconsult, Brigadier General Jean-Daniel Testé is more particularly in charge of consultancy and training activities in the fields of IMINT, GEOINT and SSA, leveraging his outstanding background.
    During his 36-year career within the French Armed Forces, he has been involved in most of the military space programs. For SYRACUSE II, III Telecommunications Satellites, he was responsible for the French Air Force requirements and operational use; for Helios I and II observation satellites, he was in charge of the requirements and the operational use of the system (mission planning and image analysis); for the PLEIADES dual observation satellite, he was responsible for the establishment of the sharing rules between military and commercial users and chaired the dual use steering committee; and for the GALILEO European Global Navigation Space System, he represented the French Joint Staff in the working group in charge of the governmental use and the security of the system. Finally, he was selected in 2014 to be the French Joint Space Commander, leading military space policy and programs. He developed strong international partnerships with allied countries and enhanced the space support to military operations.
    Jean-Daniel is a lecturer at the National Institute for Higher Defense Studies (IHEDN), National War College (Ecole de guerre), French Air Force Academy (Salon de Provence), RUSI (UK) and ISU.
    Jean-Daniel is an Aeronautics Engineer (Air Force Academy), holds a degree in Computer Sciences (ENSEEIHT) and graduated from the Ecole de Guerre, the National Institute of Higher Defense studies (IHEDN) and the ISU SSP. He has been awarded the Ordre National du Mérite, rank Commander and the Legion d’Honneur, rank Officer.