Due diligence

Satconsult provides independent and comprehensive technical and operational due diligence services as technical advisor to clients in the space industry, which may include potential acquisitions, investment, or the structuring of financing for companies. We provide these services to investment banks, lenders, and potential investors involved in major commercial space programs


Our audit services include assessment of:

  • Companies’ organizations:
    • Organizational structure
    • Adequacy of its processes, etc
  • Technology reliability:
    • System architecture review, system readiness, ability to offer the contemplated services to the end-users
    • Review of satellite system design and capabilities, innovation involved and ability of the manufacturer to achieve specifications etc
  • Risk and schedule
  • Financial model and sensitivities
  • Contract reviews

Mission Examples

  • Support to technical due diligence review of an IoT constellation for a potential investor
  • Support to audit of a satellite construction program for a defense agency
  • Due diligence project to assess the technical feasibility of manufacturing, launching in space and operating a LEO constellation for an investment bank