Laurent Franck

Managing Consultant

Laurent Franck joined SatConsult early 2023 as managing counsultant, ground systems expert. Before joining SatConsult, he was with Airbus Defence & Space, working at operations (LEOP – launch & early operations phase). Prior to that, he was full professor with Institut Mines Télécom, heading the Toulouse (FR) site of IMT Atlantique.
Laurent has expertise and experience in satcom systems and satcom operations. He is knowledgeable in earth stations, RF & digital communications, computer networks, IT systems and computer programming. He has been chairing an ETSI (European Telecommunication Standard Institute) working group. He was principal teacher for the MOOC “Introduction to satellite communications” hosted on the Coursera platform (10k+ participants). Finally, he has a 20+ years in crisis management and rescue operations. Laurent holds a PhD from Télécom ParisTech (FR) and degrees in computer science and social sciences from Brussels University (BE). He is the author of 50+ articles in scientific journals and conferences.
FRANCK Laurent