Strategic Sustainability Plan

The issue of space sustainability has gained increasing attention in recent years as the number of satellite launches, particularly LEO/MEO constellations, and other objects has risen. 

These launches have resulted in an increasing risk of having more space debris orbiting Earth, hindering the ability of nations to operate in the space environment while increasing the risk of a future launch-related accident that could disrupt its proper use. Growing awareness of the threats to the long-term sustainability of space has prompted governments to take action at both the national and international level.

Satconsult can support its clients in addressing the orbital challenges of operating in space responsibly and taking the right measures including the orbit identification, collisions avoidance, planning for de-orbiting satellites after mission completion, launch provider choice, and more. Our service portfolio for strategic sustainability plan covers the entire lifecycle of a space project, from feasibility analysis and design to system operations, and enables us to assist our clients in improving their debris mitigation efforts and space sustainability.