Satconsult provides technical expertise in all aspects of satellite, payload, and platform, which are essential for successful flight operations. Operating satellites post-launch is a full-time activity that requires constant monitoring and precise controls.

With a global network of specialized experts, we work closely with our clients to deliver technical and intellectual support and provide operational solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. We offer expertise in quickly building and training a team capable of handling the job within realistic timelines, ensuring the successful operation of their space systems.


Our operations services include support to:

  • In site surveys
  • Concept of operations definition
  • Facilities design and construction 
  • RF systems provisions
  • Defining and building operations teams 
  • Assistance in controlling program schedule, identifying problems, and assessing corrective actions

Mission Examples

  • Consultancy and assistance in the frame of an optical remote sensing system construction, deployment, and operations monitoring support for a defense agency
  • Construction of military satcom satellite including support to preparation of ground segment, CONOPS, and operations for a defense agency
  • Assessment of the readiness of a satcom operator’s operations to satellite major anomalies and analysis of potential improvements
  • Construction monitoring of a ground user segment (gateways, terminals) and Network Operation Center for a defense agency