Training and knowledge transfer

Euroconsult Group has developed customized training services aimed at providing interdisciplinary knowledge transfer to government, private sector and not-for-profit organizations wishing to enhance their expertise in the space and satellite application sectors.

As part of this offering, Satconsult provides training services covering regulatory, technical, program management, and operations areas, which are essential for emerging satellite operating entities to train their staff and prepare for future operations. Our training courses can be tailored to meet the needs of our clients, whether they are looking to train small or large groups, engineers, or executives.

Our training portfolio includes courses that can be requested ad-hoc during system development, as well as those that may be included in procurement contracts. We understand that every organization has unique needs and requirements, and our training services are designed to be flexible to meet those needs. 

Satconsult Service Portfolio:

The following table summarizes its most important services and the corresponding skill:

Strategic intelligence and project development


  • Advice on strategic development and market entry strategy
  • Investment opportunity detection and development
  • Sourcing partners and/or investors
  • Due diligence process for project financing or for external growth opportunities
  • Market analysis and business planning


  • Corporate strategy assessment
  • Business development
  • Market modelling / competition benchmarking / pricing & distribution strategy
  • Business model development & assessment
  • Business planning

Procurement process


  • Feasibility studies and system definition including requirement analysis
  • Risk analysis and cost estimates
  • Frequency coordination and management,
  • Preparation of Requests for Proposals including detailed specifications and statement of work (Space & Ground Segments)
  • Support for bid evaluation, financial analysis and contract negotiations (Space & Ground Segments)


  • Commercial and Military Payload System and Platforms
  • Contract Monitoring
  • Communication system and Payload design and development
  • Satellite and ground segment procurement
  • Frequency coordination and management
  • Network planning and capacity management
  • RF transmission and interference analysis
  • End-to-end system feasibility studies

Contract and construction monitoring


  • Review of data packages and/or study reports
  • Program monitoring and control during both manufacturing and operations


  • System and sub-system specification
  • Technical documentation
  • Payload and sub-system integration and testing



  • Satellite operations concept design
  • Assembling and training of satellite operations teams
  • Satellite operations support


  • Satellite operations
  • Training
  • Satellite flight dynamics
  • HR planning and recruitment

Key Customers Benefits

  • Fully flexible learning solutions, either customized or pre-packaged
  • Access to a unique line-up of seasoned industry experts with extensive sectorial experience
  • Combined access to the most appropriate set of training venues, industry visits and curated support services
  • A bespoke learning experience enabling both demonstrable knowledge transfer and networking opportunities

A learning environment specifically tailored to customer needs and constraints

  • Remote
  • In-house or off-site
  • Blended learning
  • Online e-learning platform
  • Multilingual courses available (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, etc.)

Mission examples

  • High level training on support to project management and quality control for a manufacturer
  • Training support on construction monitoring and operations for a satcom operator
  • Operational support and definition of concept of operations training program for a satcom operator