Technology advisory

Satconsult has developed specialized technology advisory and engineering capabilities to assist companies in optimizing their technology investments and making informed business decisions.

Our Technology Advisory services provide in-depth technical expertise for supporting the implementation of new space projects. We provide the necessary knowledge and resources to support the design and implementation of new technologies, from the feasibility phase to the design and development phases. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their business objectives through the successful implementation of new technologies.

Our Experience

Our Technology Advisory services cover all stages of the engineering project life cycle of a space project:

  • Frequency coordination and regulatory matters to support our clients in defining and implementing spectrum development strategies
  • Technological surveys and assessments
  • Pre-concept and feasibility studies
  • Design, development and deployment phases

Mission Examples

  • Support to commercial and technical feasibility study for a satcom operator
  • Support to technical surveys and studies for a satellite operator
  • Support to technical survey on Mil-SatCom technologies and status on a Constellation program for a space agency
  • Support to the development of the Preliminary Design of a European Secure Satcom Pooling & Sharing System for global markets for a space agency