Program Management

Effective program management is essential for the successful advancement of a project. Satconsult provides support in program management to clients by working closely with them to establish processes and procedures that ensure comprehensive oversight and decision-making. This helps to anticipate and mitigate risks, maintain project milestones, and control costs.

Our Experience

Our associated services portfolio includes different types of program management support including:

  • Controlling program schedule, cost, organization, human resources…
  • Identifying risks, assessing corrective actions…
  • Monitoring Performance and Quality Assurance  
  • Managing assembly, integration, and test phases on all satellite systems, payload, and platform-related topics

Mission Examples

  • Consultancy services relating to satellite frequency assignments, design, development manufacturing and operation of a satellite constellation and, more generally, contracts execution for a satellite operator
  • Support to project management of a proposal for a GHG detection satellite project for a New Space company
  • Support to the development and progressive validation of a three-payload system and support to development of the procurement strategy for the outsourced hardware for a satellite operator.