Services & Capabilities

Contract Execution & Construction Monitoring

SATConsult can monitor the progress of the design, construction, integration and test of the satellite at the chosen manufacturer’s premises. SATConsult’s resident engineers validate the manufacturer’s design, assembly and test processes, quality practices and provide recommendations that result in the delivery of more reliable spacecraft. Special emphasis is placed upon the hardware performance evaluation processes, test exhaustiveness, lessons learned, and anomaly resolution process.

Our experts have extensive background in monitoring satellite programs at numerous manufacturers including data review, anomaly resolution, review of issues along with documentation and schedule assessment. These individuals receive support from the members of our senior advisory board.

Last but not least, our experts work in close cooperation with customer representatives, thereby ensuring both coherence and strength in exchanges.

Our associated services portfolio includes:

  • Technical expertise in all satellite, payload and platform-related topics;
  • Technical expertise in management of assembly, integration and test phases;
  • Assistance in controlling program schedule, identifying problems, assessing corrective actions, etc.