About Us


Our in-house capabilities are complemented by a number of strategic partnerships that we have struck over time with some of the most recognized specialists in satellite-based telecommunications and remote sensing. These include:

  • AUDENS Telecommunications Consulting
    AUDENS Telecommunications Consulting was founded in 1995 as a completely independent engineering and management services company. Initially fully committed to satellite communications, AUDENS Telecommunications today covers virtually all disciplines of the advanced space and earth segment satellite communications technology with comprehensive expert knowledge. The portfolio of their services covers the complete lifecycle of a satellite project from feasibility analysis to system operation. This includes also business related topics like market demand, business cases and company build up for new operators.
  • LSE Space
    LSE Space was established in 1990 as an independent space consultancy and has been supporting satellite and manned missions for twenty years in both the industrial and public sectors. LSE Space has a wide offering of spacecraft operations and ground systems engineering services. LSE Space provides complete space consultancy services to satellite operators and supports all project phases, from designing and testing through to launch and operations.
  • Space Activities Consulting (SAC)
    Space Activities Consulting (SAC) is a fully independent consulting company providing support and advice in the field of satellite-based remote sensing systems, from requirements analysis to commissioning in orbit. The SAC team consists of highly experienced experts having worked for decades in industrial or government agencies and participated in major programs such as Ariane, SPOT 1 to 5, and Pleiades. SAC also benefits from the availability of a network of specialists covering different areas as needed.
  • Aetheric Engineering
    Aetheric Engineering was formed in 1989, providing independent consultancy services in all areas of satellites and of satellite communications since that time. Aetheric Engineering’s support is provided throughout the product cycle, including feasibility and design studies, procurement and project management, supervision of implementation, testing and commissioning, and operation. The company also supports related technical and business activities.
    BERHING was established in 2005 as a law firm specializing in TMT (Telecom/Media/Technology) and regulated industries. With its deep knowledge of these industries, BEHRING supports its clients on the legal issues they face during the development of their projects. BEHRING provides support to both French and foreign clients, ranging from start-ups to publicly traded companies.