Jérôme Colinas

Principal Advisor

Jerome Colinas is a Satcom and Earth Observation Expert with more than 23 years of experience in the aerospace industry. Jerome is a Lead Systems Engineer as well as a Project Manager with experience in the design, manufacturing and testing of communication payloads and satellite constellation design as well as TT&C bus subsystems and ground segments. Jerome’s field of expertise covers: satcom payloads (transparent and regenerative), airborne radar and its processors, Synthetic Aperture Radar, meteorological imagers, bent-pipe and regenerative communications payloads, digital channelizers, antenna coverage for FSS and BSS services and high-throughput satellite systems, TT&C sub-systems, high-throughput downlink sub-systems, ground segments, ground stations, antenna designs, orbit and space radiation analysis and planetary communication protocols and encryption technology.
Jerome joined Satconsult in 2018 where he has been the Project Manager for the preliminary design of the Govsatcom Hub for ESA. He has also been working as a Systems Engineer for the procurement of a remote sensing Pleaides Neo optical satellite to validate the technical performance of the space & ground segments.

Jerome worked from 2001 to 2018 at the Canadian Space Agency on the space and ground segments of the Canadian Radarsat Constellation Mission and the Canadian Enhanced Satellite Communications Polar Defence mission. Jerome spent a sabbatical year in 2007 and 2008 working at Eutelsat on the development of various communications satellites such as W2A, W3B, W3, Ka-sat.

Jerome is the author of several scientific papers in electromagnetism and Synthetic Aperture Radar technologies.

Prior to joining the Canadian Space Agency, Jerome worked at Gemalto as a Software Engineer developing electronic payment applications using smartcards. Jerome also worked as a Software Designer on the radar of an Air Defense Anti-tank System, a short-range dual-purpose missile system, at Rheinmetal (formerly Oerlikon).

Jerome holds a degree in Engineering Physics and a Master of Electrical Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal. Jerome has also followed the PMP certification training as well as the International Project Management training at the NASA APL institute.
COLINAS Jérôme - Photo