Services & Capabilities

Procurement Support

SATConsult can assist its clients in generating spacecraft, ground segment and launch services request for proposals, evaluating bids, or finalizing contractual technical exhibits through:

  • Pro-format documents which include lessons learned from all previous spacecraft programs procured with the support of its experts;
  • Open discussion with its clients on evaluation methodologies and agreement upon key related factors based upon business context, corporate views and recommended evaluation criteria;
  • Its flexibility and adaptability to design a program specifically tailored to its clients’ needs.

As an independent entity with no political or financial ties with any aerospace or government entity, SATConsult provides truly objective analyses, reviews and advice based upon:

  • Its practical knowledge of ITAR rules and regulations;
  • Its recognized technical expertise and problem-solving skills to meet its clients’ specific needs;
  • Its experts’ comprehensive experience in meeting mission performance requirements.

Our associated services portfolio includes:

  • Feasibility system definition studies (requirement analysis, risk analysis, cost estimates, etc.);
  • Frequency coordination and management;
  • Preparation of requests for proposals, including detailed specifications and statement of work (including both space and ground segments);
  • Support to bid evaluation, financial analysis and contract negotiations.