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Meet Us At Key Industry Events in 2018/2019

SATConsult will be present these next few months at several key industry events being planned all over the world. These events attract the elite of the industry, with the objective to share best practice thinking, identify leading-edge ideas and seek potential strategic or business partnerships.
Above all, that is when we can meet face to face and identify where we can fit in with your requirements. As a result, please feel free to contact us if you plan to attend any of the events listed below.





GEOint Symposium 2018

April 22-25

Tampa, Florida


May 15-16

Mexico City

CommunicAsia 2018

June 26-28

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

APSAT 2018

July 3-4


World Satellite Business Week (WSBW) 2018

September 10-14

Paris, France

APSCC 2018

October 2-4

Jakarta, Indonesia

Satellite 2019

May 6-9

Washington DC