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Industry Experts

SATConsult relies upon 15 full-time employees and independent consultants working on an exclusive basis with us. These satellite industry experts with strong credentials, hands-on experience and expertise cover all technical, business and contractual fields of satellite-based telecommunications and remote sensing.
Moreover, SATConsult is conducting missions with over 30 additional high-profile satellite professionals with each of whom we have built robust working relationships over the years. This network enables SATConsult to access specialists of specific fields and to ensure both reactivity and flexibility to its customers.

Here is a selection of experts we have been working with on a regular basis over the past few years:

  • Vincent ASTIER, Senior Consultant, Satellite & Launcher Expert
    Vincent Astier is a Senior Consultant specialized in satellite, platform and launch systems. Over his 20 years of working in the space industry and services, he has handled vehicle design, manufacturing, test & operations, and has managed projects, customers and subcontractors in the context of production and qualification programs on both the launcher and satellite sides.
    Since joining Satconsult in 2014, Vincent has worked as the Resident Program Manager for the Qatar Armed Forces, monitoring the manufacturing & testing of the Es’hail-2 communication satellite at Mitsubishi Electric (Kamakura, Japan), with a focus on the encrypted TCR design, the QAF Payload operations and in particular being deeply involved in the analysis of the Falcon 9 launcher interface, Eshail-2 being the first DS2000 platform launched by SpaceX. In parallel, as Senior Consultant on satellite, platform and launch systems, he has provided support to several bids, tender phases (platform and satellite on Turksat 5 A/5B, lead of launch services procurement for Telkom 4 with SpaceX, Ariane 5, H2A and Atlas V), advanced studies and monitoring (back office support for design reviews on platform/crypto TCR on the ADD K-Milsat 1 in ADS), as well as performing technical training courses. Internally, Vincent manages the generic contractual documentation used for Satcom RFP (tender and monitoring).
    Prior to joining Satconsult, Vincent worked for MDA Information Systems as Satellite System Engineer and Head of the Representative Office in ISS Reshetnev. In the first part of his career, Vincent worked for the launcher industry (Airbus) and for the launch services industry (Starsem, Arianespace) where he managed the technical procurement and operation of the Soyuz-Fregat launch vehicle.
    Vincent holds a Master of Electrical Engineering from the French Engineering School “Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité - SUPELEC” with a major in Signal Processing, Information and Measurement Systems. He speaks fluent French, English and Russian.
  • Björn BUCKWALTER, Senior Consultant, Satellite Platforms & Operations Expert
    Björn Buckwalter is Senior Consultant, Satellite Platform & Operations Expert at Satconsult. In his 10 years of consulting in both front and back offices he has supported Satconsult’s customers in satellite procurement, program monitoring, and satellite operations activities.
    Since starting to work with Satconsult in 2009, Björn has supported program monitoring in front office at satellite manufacturers in France, Japan, and Russia, and from the back office. He has supported satellite RFP preparation, bid evaluations, and negotiations. He has supported and provided training and mentoring in satellite operations engineering and flight dynamics activities. Finally, he has performed custom software development in support of operations and analyses.
    Prior to working with Satconsult, Björn worked at Intelsat and the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC), where he was exposed to a wide spectrum of satellite designs and operation concepts. Björn has held leading roles in satellite operations, analysis, software development, training, and in the implementation of new satellite programs.
    Björn holds a Master of Science in Space and Satellite Engineering.
  • Jerome COLINAS, Satcom and Earth Observation Expert
    Jerome Colinas is a Satcom and Earth Observation Expert with more than 22 years of experience in the aerospace industry. Jerome is a lead Systems Engineer as well as a Project Manager with experience in the design, manufacturing and testing of earth observation and communication payloads as well as TT&C bus subsystems and ground segments. Jerome’s field of expertise covers: airborne radar and its processors, Synthetic Aperture Radar, meteorological imagers, bent-pipe and regenerative communications payloads, digital channelizers, antenna coverage for FSS and BSS services and high-throughput satellite systems, TT&C sub-systems, high-throughput downlink sub-systems, ground segments, ground stations, antenna designs, orbit and space radiation analysis and planetary communication protocols and encryption technology.
    Jerome joined Satconsult in 2018 where he has been the Project Manager for the preliminary design of the Govsatcom Hub for ESA. He has also been working as a Systems Engineer for the procurement of a remote sensing Pleaides Neo optical satellite to validate the technical performance of the space & ground segments.
    Jerome worked from 2001 to 2018 at the Canadian Space Agency on the space and ground segments of the Canadian Radarsat Constellation Mission and the Canadian Enhanced Satellite Communications Polar Defence mission. Jerome spent a sabbatical year in 2007 and 2008 working at Eutelsat on the development of various communications satellites such as W2A, W3B, W3, Ka-sat.
    Jerome is the author of several scientific papers in electromagnetism and Synthetic Aperture Radar technologies.
    Prior to joining the Canadian Space Agency, Jerome worked at Gemalto as a Software Engineer developing electronic payment applications using smartcards. Jerome also worked as a Software Designer on the radar of an Air Defense Anti-tank System, a short-range dual-purpose missile system, at Rheinmetal (formerly Oerlikon).
    Jerome holds a degree in Engineering Physics and a Master of Electrical Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal. Jerome has also followed the PMP certification training as well as the International Project Management training at the NASA APL institute.
  • Roland CUSWORTH, Systems Specialist, Ground Segment Expert
    Roland Cusworth is a Ground Segment Expert working with Satconsult. He has over 27 years of experience working in the satellite ground segment sector and has advised a wide range of clients including commercial and government actors on the procurement and installation of satellite ground segment.
    While working with Satconsult, he has been the Ground Segment Manager on the procurement of the K-Milsat 1 satellite for the Korea Agency for Defense Development (ADD). This job encompasses reviewing all ground satellite system related documentation for the K-Milsat 1 project, attending to interface control documents, preliminary design reviews, critical design reviews, site surveys, factory acceptance tests and site acceptance test meetings and ensuring that ADD CONOPs are being met.
    Prior to working with Satconsult, Roland worked at Telesat for more than 20 years, playing a leading role in the design, development and support of the Telesat in-house satellite control system and the procurement of a commercial satellite fleet control system for Telesat. His expertise has been subsequently turned to the provision of consulting services. He has extensive and practical knowledge of satellite control systems, TT&C, IOT, CSM, application h/w, s/w and operations including their features and limitations, relative strengths and weaknesses. He has led the ground segment aspect in a number of projects including, but not limited to, all Thor projects with Telenor, Measat 3, Yahsat 1A, Telkom 2, Telkom 3 and, most recently NBN Co. Yahsat 1A, Thor7, Mexsat 1-3 and NBN 1A (Skymuster) which have HTS components. His extensive experience working in-house at Telesat makes his knowledge of commercial satellite control systems possibly unparalleled within the satellite consulting community.
    Roland holds a Ph.D. and a Master of Applied Science in Aerospace Engineering the University of Toronto in Canada.
  • Olivier MURET, Satcom Systems Engineer
    Olivier Muret joined Satconsult in 2019 as Satcom Systems Expert. With 9 years of experience, he has developed in-depth skills and experience in communications payloads and engineering, RF analysis, transmission chain architecture, etc.
    Olivier started his professional career in CNES (The French national space agency, or National Center of Spatial Studies) before becoming employed by Altran Technologies on several consultancy missions for Airbus Defence & Space, first as Satellite RF Communications Engineer, involved in the design and sizing of various spacecraft communications subsystems, from deep space missions to LEO and GEO platforms, and later as Satellite Communications Payload Validation Engineer. In January 2014, he went back to CNES, this time as a Systems Engineer Consultant on the SAR/Galileo and Cospas-Sarsat programs, in charge of the ground segment validation and system performance monitoring and troubleshooting. He then continued in CNES as Cospas-Sarsat System Technical Expert, as part of the French delegation, his last position before joining the Satconsult team.
    Olivier holds an international Advanced Master’s degree from the Institution of Higher Education for Aeronautics and Space (ISAE) in Toulouse, and an Engineering degree in Applied Mathematics and Software Engineering from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Rouen.
  • Jacques NERON, Senior Consultant, Satellite System Expert
    Jacques Neron is a Senior Technical Consultant on communications satellite systems, payloads and platforms. With thirty years of experience in the space industry at the satellite system level, he is specialized in engineering, proposal management, project management and product development.
    With Satconsult, Jacques has worked as an Expert at all stages of satellite communications programs: From the generation of performance requirements, based on customer objectives, applicable regulations and filing and mission targets, through the evaluation of proposals and negotiations, the monitoring of the design development and construction testing right up to the launch and in orbit acceptance of the spacecraft. Jacques is now part of the Satconsult team, acting as resident supporting the construction monitoring of K-Milsat 1. He was also actively involved in support to procurement missions for Turksat 5A and 5B, with a major focus on the multibeam mission which was developed for the program.
    Previously, at Astrium/Airbus Defense and Space he participated for 20 years in the development of Eurostar platforms (2000+ and 3000), and as core team member to the Hot Bird Plus series of satellites for Eutelsat, as well as Yahsat 1A and 1B as satellite project manager. He also spent two years as an internal consultant, providing expertise in these fields and acquiring expertise in specific activities such as training, coaching and interim management.
    Jacques holds an Engineering degree from ISAE SUPAREO (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace) in Toulouse, France.
  • Kevin O’BRIEN, Ground Segment & Operations Expert
    Kevin O’Brien is a Ground Segment & Operations Expert providing program management support to Satconsult, primarily in the area of Satcom ground facilities. Kevin has over 32 years of experience in the satellite communications sector.
    Since starting to work with Satconsult in 2011, Kevin has principally been involved in satellite communications ground procurement projects for a Middle Eastern client. He has a wide range of expertise covering all aspects of Anchor stations and multiple user terminals, payload monitoring and network control centres.
    Kevin also provides Subject Matter Expert (SME) support to management audits of satellite operations. Kevin has also recently overseen the procurement and implementation of a radio monitoring system for a country regulator covering all satellite bands, consisting of multiple receiver antennas, mobile antenna reception, interference location, and associated control centres.
    Prior to working with Satconsult, Kevin worked in Eutelsat’s Operations Department for 16 years in a variety of roles, including as Head of the Communications Systems Control Centre, responsible for all satcom services on Eutelsat satellites.
    Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Applied Physics and Electronics from the National University of Ireland in Galway.
  • Jean-Claude PHILIPPE, Senior Consultant, System Engineering Expert
    Jean-Claude Philippe, who retired in 2015, is a System Engineering Expert. In 2016, he started a part-time consultancy activity as a Senior Consultant assisting a customer in the procurement of a turn-key optical LEO remote sensing space system.
    Prior to his retirement, Jean-Claude worked for 35 years in the space domain, mainly in technical and managerial positions in an international environment on remote sensing programs with optical and microwave payloads, in both LEO and GEO environments. He acts as a customer of major European contractors and service providers, a partner of the European Space Agency and, in a major European contractor, as a supplier for another major European Contractor.
    Jean-Claude also acted as a part-time teacher (for 2nd year students) in French engineering schools in analogue/digital electronics and control theory and digital electronics and control theory.
    Previously, he worked for Eumetsat (European International Organisation for the Operation of Weather Satellites) for 20 years where he held several positions in the 2nd Generation Meteosat Program; procurement of the space segment (4 satellites and launch services), the space system engineering, integration and verification, then as a Deputy Program Manager. He also supported the early phases of the design/procurement of the 3rd generation of Meteosat. Jean-Claude also worked for 10 years in Airbus Defence & Space, he held several positions on the ESA remote sensing project and microwave Earth observation satellites: Platform AIT/AIV Manager, Satellite AIT Manager, Platform System Engineer, and Project Manager.
    Jean-Claude holds an Engineering degree from the Paris Polytechnique School and from the Toulouse ISAE (Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace).
  • Emmanuel SEIN, Optics and Optical Instrumentation Expert
    Emmanuel Sein is an Optics and Optical Instrumentation Expert. Since 2017, he is an independent Consultant. He has spent over 44 years in space optics design and development for both scientific and remote sensing programs. His expertise is mainly focused on advanced development and the design and development of flight opto-mechanical equipment. His expertise covers all the different types of space instruments either very large and stable scientific instrument or passive and active remote sensing instruments (including Lidar and space lasers). He participates in the development of Space Optical Communication Systems.
    Prior his retirement, mid 2017, Emmanuel was Head of the Opto-mechanical Department in the Space Instrumentation Division of Airbus Defence & Space (Toulouse). He was in charge of the design and development of all the opto-mechanical equipment of the ADS programs for both scientific and remote sensing applications. In addition, he was responsible for the performance tests of space instruments prior to launch. As Head of the Opto-mechanical Department, he participated in the development of all the Airbus space instruments. He worked on Airbus internal funded remote sensing programs (PLEIADES NEO, Spot 6&7), ESA projects (SEVIRI, ALADIN, GAIA, HERSCHEL telescope, ATLID, SENTINEL 2, EUCLID), CNES Projects (SPOT 4&5, HRV instrument, HRS, IASI, Microcarb), remote sensing export projects (Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Algeria, Chile, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Peru) and the Space Optical Communication System SILEX for ESA/CNES and the LOLA System for the French MOD. He joined the ADS team (formerly MATRA-ESPACE) as System Engineer of the optical communication system called SILEX in 1987. He started his career as Optical Engineer in CNES in charge of advanced studies in remote sensing telescope and optical communications systems (prior to the SILEX program).
    Emmanuel holds a Master’s degree in Optical Engineering from Ecole Supérieure d’Optique (Orsay-Palaiseau) and a Ph.D in Chemical Physics from the University of Bordeaux in France.
  • Jean-Louis SOULA, Program Management, Satellite System Expert
    Jean-Louis Soula capitalizes on 45 years of experience in the space industry. He is a highly qualified expert in satellite systems, antennas and repeaters with a focus on payload design, assembly, integration and tests. He is today supporting coordination activities in the context of satellite construction monitoring with Satconsult. His most recent assignments include the coordination of the Satconsult monitoring team for the TurkmenSat program and participation in the Koreasat 5A & 7 satellite onsite construction monitoring.
    Since starting to work with Satconsult in 2010, Jean-Louis has conducted several consulting missions for different customers, such as QAF (Qatar Armed forces) or the Government of Turkmenistan. These missions have concerned monitoring management or supporting the Koreasat customer team on satellite manufacturer premises. In addition, Jean-Louis has given substantial support in RFP preparations and industrial response evaluations for several future telecommunications satellite operators and in preparing training courses for specific customers such as QAF.
    Prior to working with Satconsult, Jean-Louis worked at Thales Alenia Space as Operation Director for payload assembly integration and tests and as a Program Director for several important satellite programs for customer such as SES, Eutelsat and Arabsat.
    Jean-Louis graduated from ISAE (Institut Superieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace), the Institution of Higher Education for Aeronautics and Space in Toulouse, France.
  • Olivier THEPAUT, Earth Observation Expert & Project Manager
    Olivier Thepaut is a Senior Project Manager and Earth Observation Expert in Satconsult. Over the last 20 years, Olivier has acquired significant expertise in a wide range of remote sensing systems (optical and SAR imagers, radar altimeters). Throughout his career, Olivier has proven his ability to work flexibly and efficiently within multinational teams, leveraging his excellent interpersonal skills.
    Since joining Satconsult in early 2017, Olivier is managing and is involved in several projects involving Earth observation systems. His role is to accompany the client from the definition of his needs (phase-0) up to the exploitation of the mission (phase-E), leveraging his long years of experience with a variety of clients (military or civilian) and domains (earth observation for natural event monitoring or intelligence).
    Prior to joining Satconsult, Olivier worked for ESA for 4 years as Coordinator of the Copernicus Sentinel-2 Expert support labs radiometry and geometry calibration/validation activities in the context of the Sentinel-2 Mission Performance Centre, where he deputized the Service Manager.
    Olivier graduated in 1996 with a Master of Science (MS2/DEA) in Radar and Radiocommunications from INSA in Rennes, France.