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Industry Experts

SATConsult relies upon 15 full-time employees and independent consultants working on an exclusive basis with us. These satellite industry experts with strong credentials, hands-on experience and expertise cover all technical, business and contractual fields of satellite-based telecommunications and remote sensing.
Moreover, SATConsult has conducted missions with over 20 additional high-profile satellite professionals with each of whom we have built robust working relationships over the years. This network enables SATConsult to access specialists of specific fields and to ensure both reactivity and flexibility to its customers.

Here is a selection of experts we have been working with on a regular basis over the past few years:

  • Vincent ASTIER, Senior Consultant, Satellite & Launcher Expert
    Vincent Astier is a Senior Consultant on satellite, platform and launch systems. Over 15 years working in the space industry and services, he handled vehicle design, manufacturing, test & operations, managed project, customer and subcontractors in the frame of production and qualification programs on both launcher and satellite.
    Since joining SATConsult in 2014, Vincent works as the Resident Program Manager monitoring for the Qatar Armed Forces the manufacturing & testing in Mitsubishi Electric (Kamakura, Japan) of the Es'hail-2 communication satellite, with a focus on the encrypted TCR design, the QAF Payload operations and particularly deeply involved in the analysis of the Falcon 9 launcher interface, Eshail-2 being the first DS2000 platform launched by Space X. In parallel, as Senior Consultant on satellite, platform and launch systems, he provided support to several bids, tender phase (platform and Satellite on Turksat 5 A/5B, lead of launch services procurement for Telkom 4 with Space X, Ariane 5, H2A and Atlas V), advanced studies and monitoring (back office support for design reviews on platform/crypto TCR on the ADD K-Milsat 1 in ADS), as well as performing technical training course. Internally, Vincent manages the generic contractual documentation used for Satcom RFP (tender and monitoring).
    Previously to joining SATConsult, Vincent worked for MDA Information System, as Satellite System Engineer and Head of the Representative Office in ISS Reshetnev. In the first part of his career, Vincent worked for the launcher industry (Airbus) and for the launch services (Starsem, Arianespace) where he managed the technical procurement and operation of the Soyuz-Fregat launch vehicle.
    Vincent has a Master of Electrical Engineering from the French Engineering school "Ecole Superieure d'Electricite - SupElec" with a major in Signal Processing, Information and Measurement Systems. He speaks fluently French, English and Russian.
  • Björn BUCKWALTER, Senior Consultant, Satellite & Operations Expert
    Björn Buckwalter is a Satellite Platform & Operations Expert at SATConsult. In his 8 years of consulting in both front and back office he has supported SATConsult's customers in satellite procurement, program monitoring, and satellite operations activities.
    Since joining SATConsult in 2009, Björn has supported program monitoring in front offices at satellite manufacturers in France, Japan, and Russia, and from the back office. He has supported satellite RFP preparation, bid evaluations, and negotiations. He has supported and provided training and mentoring in satellite operations engineering and flight dynamics activities. Finally, he has performed custom software development in support of operations and analyses.
    Prior to joining SATConsult, Björn worked at Intelsat and the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC), where he was exposed to a wide spectrum of satellite designs and operations concepts.
    Björn has held leading roles in satellite operations, analysis, software development, training, and in the implementation of new satellite programs. Björn has a Master of Science degree in Space and Satellite Engineering.
  • Roland CUSWORTH, Systems Specialist - Ground Segment Manager
    Roland Cusworth is a Ground Segment Manager at SATConsult. He has over 24 years working in the satellite ground segment sector, he has advised on a wide range of clients including commercial and government actors on the procurement and installation of satellite ground segment.
    Since joining SATConsult in February 2017, he has been the Ground Segment Manager on the procurement of K-Milsat 1 satellite for Korea Agency for Defense Development (ADD). This job encompasses reviewing all ground satellite system related documentation for the K-Milsat 1 project, attending interface control document, preliminary design reviews, critical design review, site survey, factory acceptance tests and site acceptance tests meetings and ensuring ADD CONOPs are being met.
    Prior to joining SATConsult, Roland worked at Telesat for more than 20 years playing a leading role in the design, development and support of satellite control system of Telesat in-house and procurement of a commercial satellite fleet control system for Telesat. His expertise has been subsequently turned to the provision of consulting services. He has extensive and practical familiarity with satellite control systems, TT&C, IOT, CSM, application h/w, s/w and operations including their features and limitations, relative strengths and weaknesses. He led ground segment for a number of projects including, but not limited to, all Thor projects with Telenor, Measat 3, Yahsat 1A, Telkom 2, Telkom 3 and, most recently NBN Co. Yahsat 1A, Thor7, Mexsat 1-3 and NBN 1A (Skymuster) have HTS components. His extensive experience with Telesat's in-house through his consulting work makes his knowledges of commercial satellite control systems, possibly unparalleled within the satellite consulting community.
    Roland has a Ph.D. and a Master of Applied Science in Aerospace Engineering from Toronto University in Toronto.
  • Olivier THEPAUT, Satellite Technical Expert & Project Manager
    Olivier Thepaut is a Senior Project Manager and an Earth Observation Expert in SATConsult. During the last 21 years, Olivier has acquired a large expertise in a wide range of remote sensing systems (optical and SAR imagers, radar altimeters). All through his background, Olivier has proven his large ability and flexibility to efficiently work within multinational teams, leveraging his excellent interpersonal skills.
    Since joining SATConsult in early 2017, Olivier is managing and is involved in several projects of Earth observation systems. His role is to accompany the client from the definition of his needs (phase-0) up to the exploitation of the mission (phase-E), leveraging his long experience with a variety of clients (military or civilian) as well as domain (Earth observation for natural event monitoring or intelligence).
    Previously to joining SATConsult, Olivier worked during 4 years for ESA as Coordinator of the Copernicus Sentinel-2 Expert support labs radiometry and geometry calibration/validation activities in the frame of the Sentinel-2 Mission Performance Centre and deputized the Service Manager.
    Olivier graduated in 1996 a Master of Science (MS2/DEA) in radar and radiocommunications from INSA in Rennes, France.
  • Jacques THUERY, Payload Engineer
    Jacques Thuery is a Payload Engineer Consultant for SATConsult company. His experience in satellites is in payloads with a good knowledge of platform interface management, having spent most of his career in long-term assignments with prime contractors.
    Since joining SATConsult, he has been working for the past two years as Consultant for Qatar Armed Forces on the Es'hail 2 satellite built by Mitsubishi Electric in Kamakura, Japan. This assignment has included several stays in Japan during the various critical phases of the program, particularly during equipment procurement, sectional and end-to-end tests and subsequent data analysis. The upcoming phases will be thermal-vacuum and compact-range testing.
    He is also the author of two books on the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) applications of high-power microwaves.
    Before joining SATConsult, Jacques Thuery had 38 years of experience in the space industry with Thales Alenia Space and heritage companies, 4 years in industrial applications of microwaves, and 2 years in electromagnetics and antennas teaching. He has also been the initiator and Manager for 5 years of Thales Alenia Space's cooperation with INVAP of Argentina in the design from scratch of the ARSAT satellites, entirely integrated and tested in Patagonia.
    Jacques graduated in 1974 from the "École Nationale Supérieure d'Électronique, Électrotechnique, Informatique et Hydraulique" in Toulouse.