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Industry Experts

SATConsult relies upon 15 full-time employees and independent consultants working on an exclusive basis with us. These satellite industry experts with strong credentials, hands-on experience and expertise cover all technical, business and contractual fields of satellite-based telecommunications and remote sensing.
Moreover, SATConsult has conducted missions with over 20 additional high-profile satellite professionals with each of whom we have built robust working relationships over the years. This network enables SATConsult to access specialists of specific fields and to ensure both reactivity and flexibility to its customers.

Here is a selection of experts we have been working with on a regular basis over the past few years:

  • Vincent ASTIER
    Mr. ASTIER is a highly qualified expert in space systems engineering with extensive experience in various positions and environments. He is specialized in space system analysis, procurement and exploitation, international cooperation, and management of large project and field operations. Before joining SATConsult, Vincent ASTIER was a representative of MDA in JSC ISS Reshetnev company and member of the spacecraft system engineering team. Previoulsy, within Arianespace and Astrium, he actively participated to several launch campaigns and three main development programs.
  • Michel ARNAUD
    Michel ARNAUD has been working as a consultant since 2008, after 30 years spent at French Space Agency (CNES) where he was in charge of various activities in the Earth Observation field. He was System Director for the French SPOT 4 Program and then in charge of the SPOT 5 program definition and design. He was also in charge of the definition of the HELIOS 2 military French program and then Program Director for the Pleiades program. On the Thailand’s THEOS program, he acted as consultant to the client. Mr. ARNAUD graduated in 1968 from Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Electronique et d’Electricité (Bordeaux, France).
    Björn BUCKWALTER, M.Sc., Space and Satellite Engineering, has 12 years of professional satellite bus engineering and operations experience. He has performed satellite construction monitoring since 2009 as a field office engineer and satellite platform and AIT expert for several programs.
    Prior to his work in satellite construction monitoring, Mr. BUCKWALTER worked in satellite operations engineering at the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) and at Intelsat, where he performed satellite bus and flight dynamics operations across satellites manufactured by Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Orbital Sciences, SS/Loral, and Thales Alenia Space. At Intelsat he supported LEOP operations for Galaxy 19 and Intelsat 14 satellites. He has also developed software currently in use in satellite operations at both SSC and Intelsat.
  • Kevin O’BRIEN
    Kevin O’BRIEN has 20 years of experience in the satellite communications business, with a variety of roles in the planning and use of communications payloads aboard commercial geostationary satellites. He is an expert in technical knowledge and experience of satellite communications systems. Throughout his different missions, at Eutelsat and then as an independent consultant, he developed a real expertise in the specifications, procurement and operations of satellite ground mission segments. Mr. O’BRIEN has been recently in charge of conducting an independent review and assessment of the Yahsat satellite system’s ground network and operational procedures, of the specifications and procurement of a geolocalization system and monitoring of multiple antenna systems in Ku- and Ka-band frequencies for Qatar, of supporting the definition, procurement and deployment of a teleport and network operation center for Qatar.
  • Gilles FADE
    Gilles FADE has been working in space activities for more than 35 years (project management and central engineering services). He is an expert in operational and technical coordination of international multidisciplinary engineering teams.
    Mr. FADE’s professional experience includes top management responsibilities at EADS Astrium, where headed for several years the company’s Mechanical, Thermal and Electrical Engineering Division, a multidisciplinary team of about 200 persons. His main activities in this role included Computer Aided Design (CAD) for geometrical accommodation and interfaces of telecommunications and Earth observation satellites like Intelsat 10, Hot Bird 8, Anik-F1R/F3, Helios 2, Theos, etc., along with manufacturing files of structural hardware, mathematical modeling and analysis for ground & in-orbit satellites performances prediction, environmental tests, and manufacturing follow-on up to delivery of flight hardware to satellite projects. Having retired from EADS Astrium in 2005, Mr. FADE has been working for SATConsult since then.
    Mr. FADE graduated as an engineer from Ecole Supérieure des Sciences et Techniques de l’Ingénieur (ESSTIN) of Nancy (1968) and from Institut d’Administration des Entreprises (IAE) of Nancy (1970).
  • André HARDY
    André HARDY has been working in the space domain for more than 35 years. He has been involved with various levels of responsibilities in all aspects of the design, development and manufacturing of telecommunication spacecraft.
    During his long industrial career with EADS Astrium, Mr. HARDY has been involved in the design and manufacturing phases of most telecommunications spacecraft families developed by EADS Astrium from OTS 1, Eurostar 2000, Eurostar 2000+ and Eurostar 3000, which are now the basis for all EADS Astrium’s telecommunications satellite programs. He was involved in the design, development and qualifications of more than 35 spacecraft including Intelsat 10 (as Program Director), Eutelsat W3A and Hot Bird 8, Amazonas 1, Anik-F1R/Anik-F3, Arabsat 4.
    Mr. HARDY graduated as an Engineer from the Institut Polytechnique of Grenoble (France) in 1967.
  • Pierre MOSKWA
    Working as a consultant since 2007, Pierre MOSKWA has more than 40 years of experience in space activities. His last post at Space French Agency CNES was Toulouse Space Center Director (1,700 people), where he was in charge of French and several European space systems design, development and exploitation. Before that, he served as the Guyana Space Center Director at the European Launch Base for the Ariane launch system (33 launches performed during his tenure). Between 1998 and 2000 he served as Space Techniques Director, with responsibility of the technical support to projects and associated R&D. In 1996 he was Sub-Director in the Toulouse Space Center in charge of on-orbit infrastructure (flights on Soyuz with Russia and Shuttle flights with NASA and development of associated control center: CADMOS). In 1990 he was SPOT 2 et SPOT 3 Program Manager (French Observation Satellite Programs).
  • Rafael FERRIS
    Rafael FERRIS is an expert in AIT for Optical Payloads (CSO, PLEIADES, and IASI), Spacecraft (MSG, Eurasiasat, Eutelsat, and Hispasat), Equipment (Visible & Infrared Detectors sub systems), Phase B, C & D AIT Engineering for Optical Payload and associated AIT plan. When he worked for Thales, he directed Mechanical AIT C&D phases for PLEAIDES Optical Payload. Now working for SATConsult, Mr. FERRIS participates in many projects such as Mechanical, Thermal & Propulsion Architect and is now resident engineer for the Telkom 3S program (in partnership with Telesat).
    Mr HYNDMANNs career involves extensive satellite design, assembly and test. Before becoming a SATConsult consultant, John HYNDMANN worked for Boeing on Telemetry and Command system engineering, followed by Attitude Control system engineering, circuit analysis of communications electronics, satellite system test, and launch vehicle interface engineering. He then worked as systems engineer and actively participated in the development, manufacturing, test, launch and in orbit operation of the Boeing 601 satellite platform, the 601HP platform and the 702 platform. He lead technical position on the Optus B program, as well as SES Astra 1C, and D. He then worked on the SES Astra 1C, D, E, F, G, H and 2A programs. He joined SATConsult in 2013 and worked on Hispasat AG and is now working on Hispasat 1F and Amazonas 5.
  • Claude TORRES
    Having worked as a consultant since 2007, Claude TORRES has more than 30 years of experience in satellite-based remote sensing activities. His last posts in EADS Group were Defence and Space Security Resident in Asia, Program manager – Image processing Software. Before that, he served as Technical Manager of the Digital Imaging systems Department. In SYSCOM company (Toulouse, France), he was Technical Director of the Digital Image Department and before that worked for GTDA (Group for the Space and Airborne Remote Sensing development) in Toulouse, CNES, IGN, IFP, BRGM, and BDPA agencies.