About Us

Introducing SATConsult

Southern Aerospace & Telecom Consulting (SATConsult) is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm that supports its customers in the implementation of sustainable satellite-based telecommunications and remote sensing infrastructure worldwide.

Introducing SATConsultFormed in 2006, we bring together a complete range of skills (technical, management, business, financial, legal, risk management, insurance, etc.), along with years of experience working with some of the most prominent commercial and governmental players active in satellite-based telecommunications and remote sensing. Our in-house capabilities are complemented by a number of strategic partnerships that we have struck over time with some of the most recognized specialists in these industries.

Our services and capabilities portfolio covers the complete lifecycle of a satellite project, from feasibility studies and project development down to operations and training support, both for space and ground segment.

Leveraging both the excellence and experience of our international team of highly-skilled industry experts, we provide our customers with solutions tailored to their specific needs, thus ensuring both reactivity and efficiency in responding to their requirements while creating a competitive edge for them in their respective industries.

In August 24, 2016 SATConsult joined Euroconsult’s group to establish global team of nearly 80 experts providing end-to-end service capability to satellite industry.

As a fully independent group with no tie whatsoever with any player in the industry, SATConsult is based at the very heart of Europe’s space industry with its main office in Toulouse. In addition, we have strengthened our international presence with an Asian business representative based in Singapore (see our Contact Us section for related contact details). Our presence extends also to Canada, US and Japan with Euroconsult offices in Paris, Montreal, Washington and Yokohama.